Hamiltrash Tuesday: My Shot

Can we appreciate the fact that Lin-Manuel Miranda spent an entire YEAR writing “My Shot”? It’s a five and a half minute song that he spent A WHOLE YEAR ON. Seriously though, one of the biggest lessons that Lin-Manuel Miranda has taught me is that if you’re going to put your name on something, you need to spend enough time on it to make sure it’s the best thing you’ve ever written so far. And I really need to keep learning this. I get impatient and want my stuff published NOW. It’s really been a struggle to remind myself every single day that I’m still young and that I need to give myself time to make sure my stuff is gold before I try to publish it.

The Hamilsquad during “My Shot”

But anyway, “My Shot” is the third song in Act 1 and has become the show’s anthem. Because it’s about rising above your circumstances and blowing everyone away with your raw talent. Which is ironic because that’s exactly what both Alexander Hamilton AND Lin-Manuel Miranda himself did. True of both men. I’m actually half convinced that Lin is the reincarnation of Hamilton himself. Now, I’m not *quite* as braggy as Hamilton, but I definitely relate to this song in the sense that I do have a habit of rabidly throwing myself at every opportunity that comes my way because it’s seriously my dream to be famous for my writing. And I especially relate to Hamilton during his solo beginning at 3:52, because he’s admitting that he does want to rise above his station, but it’s kind of nerve wracking at the same time. Great solo. My significant other has been instructed to write “I imagine death so much it feels more like a memory” on my tombstone in the event of my early demise. This song is not only great to listen to during a workout, but also during a writing marathon. 10/10 would highly recommend.

Fun fact: I can rap all of “My Shot”

Also, I apologize that these posts are getting a little lazy. I am absolutely drowning in my homework and I’m having a really hard time keeping up with this blog. I may wrap it up and call it quits soon, since I have plenty to turn in to my teacher.


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