Read This!: Speak

SpeakLaurieHalseAnderson-200x300.jpgSpeak by Laurie Halse Anderson was this week’s YA class assignment and this book really, really messed me up. In the best and worst possible way all at the same time. This is the story that I needed but didn’t know I needed. This is the story that so many people can relate to but are afraid to tell themselves. And while all of our stories are different, Speak serves as a beacon of hope in this terrible, disgusting society we’re living in.

I’m having trouble finding the words to describe how intensely this book made me feel. And maybe I won’t find them at all tonight, or even tomorrow. But I will find them someday. I will probably end up sticking them in a Bipolar Friday post. But all I know is that this book is too heart breakingly relevant to ignore. It won’t resonate with all of you, even if the story is similar to yours; I’m finding that out just from reading the class discussion questions. And that’s okay. All of our stories look different. But if you are hurting, I pray that you will be able to find peace, and to speak if you find that you need to.



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