Hamiltrash Tuesday: The Schuyler Sisters

the schuyler sisters.jpgIt’s Women’s Week this week at my school, so I thought it would be an appropriate time to talk about the Schuyler Sisters! Because when one typically thinks of colonial America, they don’t think much about the important female roles. Betsy Ross sewed flags. That’s fine. But women did so much more for the Revolution too! Also since this is supposed to technically be a literary blog I will be connecting this to why it is important to have strong female characters in our writing.

And anyone who has listened to the Hamilton cast album knows that the show has some pretty strong female characters. Case in point, the Schuyler Sisters: (L-R) Peggy, Angelica, and Eliza. Their real life list of accomplishments is exhausting, so I will just be sticking to their portrayal in the song, “The Schuyler Sisters” today.

So basically what is happening in this scene is, Philip Schuyler’s three daughters disobey him and sneak out of the house to run around town and participate in the revolution even though he told them not to. And while they are there, they (especially Angelica) keep getting hit on, but the Sisters aren’t having it and instead keep looking for “a mind at work.” Which essentially means they’re looking for brainy people who they can have intelligent conversations with and don’t have time for idiot boys. Which is hilarious because even Burr, who is reasonably intelligent, gets shot down by Angelica halfway through the song.

But I think one of the most interesting parts of the song is when Angelica quotes the Declaration of Independence and then immediately declares that when she meets Thomas Jefferson, she’s going to tell him to include women’s rights. Which is so cool! Because as I said before, when you think of colonial America, most people don’t think about strong feminist characters. But they were here. They lived. And I think it really stinks that we are only now just getting to know who they were.

Today in my YA class, we were talking about how annoying it is when female characters are written badly. Everyone, learn to write female characters!!!! Representation is important! We want strong role models for our girls! More Schuyler Sisters!

But also, I am so so sorry that I am publishing this so late. I graduate in 5 weeks and have so much left to do. Please forgive me. Here is an “And Peggy!” gif.



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