What Are You Writing?: Drew Miles

Today’s guest post is by Drew Miles! Drew is a senior Creative Writing major here at BSU. Although “What Are You Writing?” is no longer a regular feature on this blog, I still allow guests posts! If you are interested in doing one, shoot me an email!


So tell me about your writing style. Which genres do you prefer to write in and why?

I prefer to write creative nonfiction, although I find myself weaving in and out of poetry occasionally. I started in poetry and found a family there. As I read more and more creative nonfiction though, I knew it was the genre for me. I like to capture little lights of truth in my writing. I like to find those flickers in the darkness, no matter how small, and I find insight in their illuminations of a blank page.

Has any of your work been published yet? When are you hoping to get published?

An occasional title of my work has been published in a rejection letter. I don’t like to brag, but I’d like to think I’ve made a name for myself in the rejection community. We have a strong bond though we do not regularly assemble. Eventually one of my pieces will find it’s home.

What does writing do for you? What do you get out of it? 

Writing wakes me up in the morning and tucks me in at night. Mostly, though, it allows me to connect with others. Everyone writes in some way (social media, legal documents, napkins, planners, graffiti, 3rd grade spelling testsyou get the idea). I’m a believer in people. If I can reach just one, my writing means something to me, even if the person I reach is myself.

What projects are you working on right now? 

I’m a prose editor for The Broken Plate. Selecting pieces for publication continues to be much more difficult than I anticipated. I like the challenge though. I like exploring the creativity of others. I’m currently modifying / drafting my senior thesis. I can’t share too much of that right now but it has to deal with memoir. AlsoI write every day. I hope that counts for something.


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