What Are You Writing?: Mike Wargo

Today’s guest on “What Are You Writing?” Friday is Mike Wargo! Mike graduated from BSU in 2016 with a degree in Telecommunications and a minor in Creative Writing.


So tell me about your writing style. Which genres do you prefer to write in and why?

Most of my writing is based in hyper realism, using real life experiences and people as stories and characters, though lately I’ve been taking a crack at satire and horror (sometimes mixed together). I find my writing is heavily effected on what I am reading at the time. If I’m reading Ernest Hemingway, I write in a similar style. If I’m reading Jack Kerouac, I write like that. I think I’m still finding my own style of writing that I’ll figure out as I get further along in my writing career.

Has any of your work been published yet? When are you hoping to get published?

The only time I’ve been published was in my senior year of high school where I won a school-wide poetry contest. It’s probably the worst thing I’ve ever written in all honesty. So it goes. A lot of the writing I’ve been doing lately has been screenplays, one of which I’ve produced into a feature film with a few Ball State alumni and current students. It’s actually just about done being edited together and we’re going to be sending it out to festivals in the next few months, including Cannes, Sundance, and South By Southwest. We’re hoping to leverage its success into getting funding for our next film.

What does writing do for you? What do you get out of it? 

When I first started writing, when I was about 14, I mostly did it out of boredom. But as I grew and began struggling with depression, anxiety, and other personal problems, I found writing to be a useful conduit to helping with my issues.

What projects are you working on right now? 

As is often the case for me, I’ve got a lot of projects I’m working on at the moment. My main focus is my first attempt at a novel, which is a satire about a method actor who is “preparing” for a role as a serial killer. As he gets more and more involved in the role, he starts doing more crazy things, including breaking and entering, rape, and eventually murder. It’s mostly meant to poke fun at Jared Leto’s preparation to play the Joker in Suicide Squad. I’m also working on a screenplay about a screenwriter who is forced back into the spotlight ten years after a mental breakdown, and a serialization of Stephen King’s The Shining. I’m hoping to develop it to the point where I can also work on the sequel Doctor Sleep. But, at the moment, I’m just mapping out that novel, which is still mostly contained to the backs of receipts and far too many cocktail napkins.


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