Who’s Who: Suzanne Collins

“One of the reasons it’s important for me to write about war is I really think that the concept of war, the specifics of war, the nature of war, the ethical ambiguities of war, are introduced too late to children. I think they can hear them, understand them, know about them, at a much younger age without being scared to death by the stories.” -Suzanne Collins


Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! This class project stops for nothing, not even Thanksgiving (and also it is my dad’s birthday). But actually it’s fine because I write out all my content for the week at least one week (sometimes two weeks) in advance. So it’s actually not Thanksgiving as I’m typing this. ^_^ Enjoy your turkey and this week’s Who’s Who!

I’m a crazy Hunger Games groupie so that’s why today we are doing a piece on Suzanne Collins! Because let’s be real. We all know the Hunger Games, but how much do we really know about the woman behind it all?

So a brief history on Ms. Collins. She was born in Connecticut and her dad was a military man and war veteran so they spent a lot of time moving around. She holds many degrees, but she got her BA from IU in Bloomington. How cool is that? Ms. Collins has worked as a writer on several children’s television shows. She dabbled in children’s books for a while, but we all know and love her for the Hunger Games trilogy. Today she lives in Sandy Hook, Connecticut with her husband and children.

While Ms. Collins has stated that Greek mythology has played a role in the shaping of the Hunger Games universe, she has also used her father’s military experience as inspiration, drawing on the images of poverty stricken, war torn countries. The Hunger Games, the first book in the series, debuted in 2008. The series concluded in 2010 and was turned into four successful film adaptations. I actually really enjoy these movies, even though there are some book-to-film errors, and you all know how much of a snob I am when it comes to film adaptations of my favorite books.

Most people I know have read the Hunger Games by now, but some haven’t because it’s too main stream for them. WELL STOP IT. Get off your hipster horse and read them. Because they’re awesome.

Here’s a list of Suzanne Collins books and links to buy them!

The Underland Chronicles
The Hunger Games Trilogy
Fire Proof: Shelby Woo #11

When Charlie McButton Lost Power
Year of the Jungle

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