Read This!: Flowers in the Attic

“Love doesn’t always come when you want it to. Sometimes it just happens, despite your will.” –Flowers in the Attic, V.C. Andrews

flowers   petals  thorns                               seeds.jpg    garden

So this is actually a series and I’ve only read the first two books but wow. Holy crap. Guys. You really need to read this. I know I say that every week but HOLY CRAP GUYS YOU REALLY NEED TO READ THIS. The author, V.C. Andrews, wrote the first four (we think she began Garden of Shadows before she died but we aren’t sure) before her death in 1986. After that, her estate hired ghost writer Andrew Neiderman to finish the series and write some other books in her name. And I’m guessing that’s the reason that three new books in the series came out this past decade, but I’m not going to count those here today because I’m sticking to the original Flowers in the Attic saga. I will likely get to these impostor books one day, but not today. Anyway…

Flowers in the Attic, the first book, is about these four little happy children named Chris, Cathy, Carrie, and Corey Dollanganger. They live with their happy mother and happy father in their happy little house and are overall quite happy together. But then the father dies and the mother goes psycho. She tells the children that they will all have to go live with their secret grandparents now because they have lots of money and will provide for them. The only catch is that the grandfather hates his daughter, the children’s mother, and didn’t want her to have any children so she has to hide them and keep them a secret until she can earn his trust back. The kids are super confused because they didn’t even think they had any grandparents in the first place. So their mother sneaks them in to the grandparents’ mansion with the help of the grandmother, who is SATAN. They lock the children in the attic and tell them that they will only be there for a little while.


Chris, Carrie, Corey, and Cathy as they appear in the 2014 film

Those poor kids are locked up in that attic for years. And Chris and Cathy hit puberty, which leads to… some stuff… very incesty stuff… And then the mom tries to poison all the kids but it only actually kills Corey. After Corey dies, the other three siblings escape and run far far away, which is where Petals on the Wind begins. The remaining three siblings grow up during the course of the second novel, and it is very clear that all those years spent in the attic had a very strong effect on their psyches. o_o I haven’t read the last three, but I have the whole series so I’ll get to it eventually. I swear I’m not normally obsessed with incest and the only times I have been are with this series and The Other Boleyn Girl. I SWEAR. But I will ship Chris and Cathy for forever and a day. These books make you WANT to cheer for incest.

Lifetime made the series into films and I’ve only seen the first three. Flowers and Petals were pretty good, but Thorns was pretty weird and they changed the actors, so I wasn’t a big fan of that.

Anyway, you can buy the box set here. I hope you’ll give them a read!


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