What Are You Writing?: Cassandra Grosh

Today’s guest on “What Are You Writing?” Friday is Cassandra Grosh! Cassandra is a junior at BSU and is an impressive triple major in English Literature, Classical Latin, and Classical Culture.


So tell me about your writing style. Which genres do you prefer to write in and why?

I prefer to write poetry. I find poetry fascinating, and it’s a lot easier for me to emotionally connect with a poem. Poems are also difficult. When I write, I try to rhyme, but it’s not always necessary. What is necessary for me is to tell a story. My longer poems always have a point to them, but my short ones are just quick bursts of emotion. When someone reads one of my poems, I just want to make sure they feel something. They don’t have to feel what I feel or even understand, but I want some sort of emotion to be created through my writing. [new paragraph—outlook wants to make this a list/hates me] In contrast to my creative side, I also enjoy writing academic or research papers. I’m sure very few people say that, but research papers often allow me to write about something I’m passionate about or interested in. Research papers give me the chance to spend hours combing through my favorite book, story, play, or anything else, and I produce something out of my passion. Even if my professor is the only person who ever reads my paper, at least I made something I’m proud of and excited to share.

Has any of your work been published yet? When are you hoping to get published?

Yes! An academic paper I wrote and one I co-wrote have both been published within the Digital Literature Review, Issue 3. A blog post I wrote was also published by the Digital Literature Review.

What do writing and drawing do for you? What do you get out of it? 

Writing is often cathartic for me. Especially with my poetry, I write it when I’m upset or need someone to talk to. My notebook is always there for me: it’s never busy, out of town, or asleep. Sometimes inanimate companions are what get people through life, and that’s what my notebook is to me. It helps me create a place to store my feelings, and it allows my negative feelings to become something beautiful.

What projects are you working on right now? 

Currently I am working on another blog post, research paper, and co-authored research paper for the Digital Literature Review. I unfortunately can’t find the time to focus on my poetry, but I’ll get back to it some day. I also hope to soon start my own blog, and I’d like to get back to attempt writing novels.

Where can we find your published work? 

My research pieces can be found in The Digital Literature Review, Issue 3: Freak Shows and Human Zoos. My blog post can be found on the DLR blog.


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