What Are You Writing?: Marco Leon

Today’s guest on “What Are You Writing?” Friday is Marco Leon! Marco is a senior Speech Pathology major here at BSU.


So tell me about your writing style. Which genres do you prefer to write in and why? 

I think that I definitely try to be more humorous in my writing. I don’t know how to really specify my “style” but I can say that I take a lot of inspiration from the Scott Pilgrim series. Bryan Lee O’Malley not only has great artwork that remains simply yet appealing, but he has a certain humor and charm to his style that I appreciate and imitate. In my first “real” comic, La Vie en Couleur, my main character, Morceau, was kind of the butt of a lot of jokes, but was still portrayed as someone who could be confident and assertive when it mattered (or, at least, I tried to portray him that way). Much of his character was taken from Scott Pilgrim in that he was constantly facing new challenges but wasn’t like some superhero, facing them head-on with confidence. Scott always came across as very human to me, and I tried to encapsulate that essence into Morceau. In the current comic I’m writing, The Lessons of Mix (name not final), my main character, Mix, is much bolder and confident than both Scott and Morceau, but I still make it a point to show his struggles and flaws. I believe characters that are flawed are much more interesting than characters that are perfect. I guess what I’m saying is, I don’t have a specific style that I subscribe to, but in whatever I do, whether it be humor, drama, action, or romance, my first priority is to craft human characters.

Has any of your work been published yet? When are you hoping to get published?

I haven’t had any works that have been published. Graphic novels have been more of a hobby for me. My current project, The Lessons of Mix (name not final), has the possibility of being published, but I doubt it will be up to publishing quality seeing as I’m a novice with no formal training in art nor writing. However, if it does get published, it won’t be until after I graduate college in May 2017.

What do writing and drawing do for you? What do you get out of it? 

Writing and drawing allow me to see how I see the world. What I mean by that is, after I do a little drawing or finish a page in a comic, I look over it and see, what did I emphasize? What’s very clear in this strip or drawing? It’s especially fun when I do drawings from my life. For example, I’m doing Inktober, a social media event where one does an ink drawing every day of October. I’ve been doing a lot of drawings from events in my everyday life. In drawing myself and my friends, I notice that I focus on the facial expressions a lot more than body placement and form. Facial expressions are the key to understanding someone’s emotional state, and knowing how someone is feeling is VERY important to me. So, in my drawings, I notice I really emphasize facial expressions. Even in dialogue, I get to see what I really got out of an interaction and how I see the person I’m talking to, since their words will be pushed thru the filter that is me.

What projects are you working on right now? 

Currently, I’m working on The Lessons of Mix (name not final). It will be my honors thesis and it roughly revolves around kids with disorders that affect communication. It’s sort of a fantasy story and I don’t want to spoil major plot points, but here’s a short little excerpt!

Marco's comic.jpg


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